Helium MeetUp

@ Embedded World 2022, Nürnberg, Germany

20 June, 2022 | KORN’S Nürnberg

Meet with Helium community members, Network operators, and IoT developers.

4 speakers
4 keynote
5 hours

presentations and networking

event topics

Helium ecosystem

Helium Network is currently the most extensive IoT network globally with coverage on all continents it is growing at a speed that no other network has ever seen. How does it change the IoT ecosystem as we know it today and what is next for The People’s network?

Smart cities

Smart cities are the hottest topic in the IoT world. But how do we build them and why is Helium Network one of the best solutions for Smart City solutions? We will discuss this together at the MeetUp.

Smart homes

Everyone wants their home to be smart. But there are hundreds of solutions and each one comes with its own gateway/hub and software. Is the Helium Network the solution that will combine them all in one single solution? Join us and let’s find out together.


Ariel Seidman

CEO & Co-Founder

Ariel Seidman is a two-time entrepreneur. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of Hivemapper, a decentralized mapping network with a crypto-integrated dashcam. Prior to Hivemapper, Ariel led teams of innovators as the Co-Founder and CEO of Gigwalk. Awarded Fast Company Top 10 Most Innovative Companies (Mobile) in 2013, Gigwalk is a mobile mechanical turk platform used by all the leading mapping companies. Before Gigwalk, Ariel served as the Director of Product Management at Yahoo Maps and Search where he fell in love with geospatial tech.

Alexander Burgmans


Alexander Burgmans is a YouTuber and founder. He opened the first and largest German Helium YouTube channel in March 2021 and has since been providing the community with valuable and regular content on social media and Discord. Together with 13 wonderful colleagues, the location analysis tool AHEAD was also launched in January 22. The task now is to create use-cases for the peoples network together with the community.

Hristo Atanasov

Founder & CEO

Hristo Atanasov got in love with Helium Network when he learned about it. For years he has kept himself on the side of the “crypto” and “blockchain” world for various reasons, but as he says “Helium Network” is built in the way the Internet was meant to be in the beginning. He started building HeliumMart and partnerships one year ago and currently, HelumMart is one of the leading Helium stores in the world.

Lyubomir Yanchev


Lyubomir Yanchev is a seasoned entrepreneur in the IoT space. His company MClimate has developed 20+ Wi-Fi products in the past, but decided to switch to LoRaWAN. MClimate’s LoRaWAN devices worldwide are in the hundreds of thousands. Lyubomir started programming at 7 and has a rich history in programming competitions. Couple of years after he started tinkering with hardware, he founded MClimate in 2014. 


Event’s agenda

18:30 – 19:30


The future of Helium Network

How it beated all LoRa….

Smart Home with Helium Network

How it beated all LoRa….

Smart City solutions

How it beated all LoRa….

19:30 – 23:30

Networking Party

Have a drink and meet with the Helium & IoT community members

Beer, wine, soft drinks, and finger food (included in the ticket) will bring you to one table with other like-minded people to meet and discuss the future of Helium. and IoT while KORN’S house DJ will set the mood that we will not want to leave even after the event is over.


Bar and Event space

The Korn’s surprises as an extraordinary and multifunctional event location in the middle of Nuernberg’s old town. Several spaces like lounge, bar and event hall will set the Helium MeetUp’s guests nice atmosphere and mood to learn more about the Helium Network and meet with new friends or business partners.

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